Child Welfare


Cricket Wales is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children to play cricket.
Anyone under the age of 18 is defined in law as a child. We as a Cricket Board have a duty to ensure that we comply with statute and guidance to make playing cricket in Wales as safe as possible.

Our Structure

Governance - The Cricket Wales Board has a Child Welfare Council responsible for ensuring Safeguarding compliance across Cricket in Wales. 

Director of Child Welfare - Ieuan WATKINS   
Child Welfare Operations North - Gail HUGHES
Child Welfare Operations South - Dave LOOSMORE

Within Wales we have 7 senior leagues and 9 Junior Leagues.
Each League has an appointed League Welfare Officer.
The League Welfare Officer will deal with all child welfare matters for their particular area.

It is an expectation that each club in Wales will have a Club Welfare Officer.
It is the responsibility of the Club Welfare Officer to ensure that each club abides my Minimum Standards for Child Welfare in accordance with their training.

Those involved in cricket with positions of responsibility such as Captain/Umpire/Coach must comply with basic Minimum Standards.

These standards are bespoke to particular roles but include First Aid, DBS compliance, Coaching Awards, Safe Hands Certificates etc.

In the forthcoming months, this website will document those within each club who hold positions of responsibility and whether those individuals have the appropriate training and certificates to do so.

All clubs are encouraged to ensure that they make urgent progress to ensuring that they are compliant with basic standards of Safeguarding.

Please contact.....

Contact your League Welfare Officers

Contact Gail HUGHES (Welfare North) Tel 07545 227021
Contact Dave LOOSMORE (Welfare South)Tel 07713 501276   
Contact the Director of Child Welfare, Ieuan WATKINS Tel: 07971 007431.